Ran: Lost Islands is Now Free to Play On Steam

Samurai vs Ninja vs Conquistador 

The battle royale craze of the last five years might have overstayed it welcome in the eyes of many people but that does not mean there are no longer any more original ideas left in the genre. Ran: Lost Islands, for instance, has a lot to offer those who have grown tired of the predictable and unoriginal formula that many battle royale games have adopted.

RAN Lost Islands

Ran: Lost Islands is a battle royale game that takes place on a small archipelago off the coast of Japan. There are three factions that players can choose from. Ninjas, Samurai, and Conquistadors are all available to play as while you all try and make it out alive. While this is certainly not the most historically accurate game ever made it is undoubtedly original and fun. Now is a great time to play. Ran: Lost Islands is currently free to play on Steam.

To be clear, the version of Ran that players will be getting their hands on is a live beta. This means that people are bound to run into bugs and other technical hiccups along the way. However, judging from what has been shown off so far it appears that it is still very much playable. There are a lot of playstyle options thanks to the various factions that you can choose from. Each archetype has its own strengths and weakness as well as certain proficiencies with weapons. There really is something for everyone.

There are a handful of ranged weapons like bows and matchlock rifles but the majority of combat is going to be up close and personal. Something that is not exactly common in most battle royale games. If you are into dramatic sword fights and are a history nerd then Ran: Lost Islands is definitely for you.