Surprise! Project Cars 3 is Set to Drift-In to PS4 (And Perhaps Others) This Summer

Slightly Mad Studios Released a Surprise Trailer for Project Cars 3, Which Will Come to PS4 Sometime This Summer

Who doesn’t love a good racing simulation game? I personally love feeling my Xbox controller’s haptics go wild when I drift in Forza 4. Racing-games are sleek, sexy, and fast-paced, and exist in a competitive niche in the gaming community, which is why new-racing games have great potential to “rock the boat.” Well, out of the blue, Slightly Mad Studios has released an in-engine trailer for a new edition, Project Cars 3, which will soon be available to play on the PS4 (which is the only confirmed console as of yet.) The trailer, full to the brim with epic music and stunning scenery, highlights the games increased complexity– heightened abilities to customize cars, a more realistic GUI, etc.

Slightly Mad Studios has not released information regarding price, the official release-date, or if any other consoles will be compatible with the game. Project Cars 2 was additionally available on PC and Xbox One, so this new game could be available on those consoles, or the new Xbox Series X. At this point, this is all speculation, as the trailer has been the developer’s only mode of communication regarding the new racing-game.

When we rated Project Cars 2, we discovered that it had crisp graphics, enhanced handling (compared to the original), a variety of races to choose from, and some rough edges. It was a generally well-received game that made its mark in the racing-game community. Our review-writer stated: “Racing sims really seem to mature over time and I’ll eagerly be watching where Project Cars 2 goes, but as of right now it’s starting off with an excellent base.” Hopefully Project Cars 3 will polish Project 2’s minor scuffs and scratches, and will build-up on the former game’s excellent base. We anxiously await more news on this game.

What is your favourite racing simulation game?

Source: GameSpot