New Ghost of Tsushima Trailer Digs Into Story

Big Plot Beats and Sick Masks

Sucker Punch is less than a month away from releasing Ghost of Tsushima into the world! In anticipation of this momentous event, a new story trailer has been released. Said trailer contains whispers and hints of the conflict to come, and what it means for our hero.

ghost of tsushima

For example, the stern old dude wondering what you will become if you’re not a samurai. That’s not nothing, right? What will you be if you’re not a samurai? A ninja? A pirate? A highly successful door to door salesman? And who’s the grimy lady in the middle of the battlefield? Will you be one Ghost among many, or do you still get that lofty title all to yourself?

The trailer is also fully a cutscene, with not even a smidgen of gameplay to be found. Although we have seen some actual game footage already, so this isn’t a terribly big deal. The trailer ends with Jin Sakai popping on that amazing mask. Honestly, if they make that a prominent feature in the game I’m 100% sold. Sign me up for 13th century murder and mayhem in elaborate social-distancing gear. Ghost of Tsushima is coming to the PS4 on July 17th, 2020.