The Mid-Season Update For Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Goes Live Tonight

Expect the Unexpected 

The fourth season of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare launched only a few weeks ago. Since then players have witnessed Modern Warfare receive a ton of new weapons, maps, and additional content to the infamous Warzone game mode. Today it was announced that the mid-season update for season four will go live tonight and add even more fuel to the fire.

Call of Duty - Warzone - Battle Royale

The base multiplayer is going to be the benefactor of new maps and game modes. One of the most notable additions to the multiplayer has to be the resurrection of the adored “One in the Chamber” mode that was originally introduced in Black Ops. This is where players run around with one pistol and one round. If you kill the opposing player you keep your one bullet, but if you miss you have no choice but to try and beat them down. One in the Chamber is a great game mode to play with friends and is almost guaranteed to create intense and memorable moments.

The info that everyone is waiting for, however, has to do with the changes that will be made to Warzone. Warzone will be gaining a new 200 player game mode for quads only as well as other wacky additions like Juggernaut Warzone and a new contract. The 200 player quads are going to inevitably result in some of the most hectic and chaotic games of battle royale ever witnessed. Which is really saying something considering how fast-paced Warzone already is.

Weapon balances are inbound too. It can only be assumed that weapons such as the Grau assault rifle and MP5 and going to be toned down a bit in order to allow other weapons to become more viable. A new sniper rifle will also be making its debut. Called the Rytec AMR, fans are convinced that this will be another version of the Barret 50cal from Modern Warfare 2.

The new update is going to be around 35GB in size. Make sure you clear enough room to play. Lord knowns Modern Warfare has already taken up the vast majority of most people’s hard drives. The update is set to go live around 11 pm PST tonight. Good luck.