Leaked: The Name of Apple’s AR Glasses Revealed!

Thanks to a Generous Leaker, The Name and Price of Apple’s AR Glasses have Been Revealed

Jon Prosser, a leaker and creator of Front Page Tech, recently made a video that may have Tim Cooke, CEO of Apple, throwing wine bottles at a wall. The video is witty, unashamedly detailed, and has supposedly solved many mysteries surrounding Apple’s new AR glasses, set to be released sometime in the near future. Ready for this next detail? Drum-roll please… The name of this new gadget is said to be: Apple Glass.

The name definitely has a certain level of “sleekness” that one would associate with Apple marketing, which makes me want to believe it all the more– although, it would be humorous if the name turned out to be “iSee” or “iSight” (I’m kidding.) The price somewhat “un-Apple-like,” with the lowest “mannequin” of glasses apparently starting at $499– that’s pretty cheap for AR glasses. Though some would say that this is a low price for such a fancy device, it’s argued that Apple Glass may rely on the iPhone for its heavy-duty processing work, similarly to the iWatch.

Speaking of which, the new glasses may be revealed alongside the new iPhone 12 in October, which would certainly make for a fun reveal event. Other possibilities include the glasses launching solo, or even two years from now.

Tech-wise, the glasses are said to not contain a digital camera, for privacy purposes. They will also not be tinted, as tinting affects the following feature: Apparently, the glasses will also contain displays in both lenses, with a UI named “Starboard,” a sibling to iOS’ Springboard. The display is said to be controlled by touching the device itself, or gesturing in front of the device with the hands. The device will also be equipped with a scanner, specially equipped to scan QR codes– which seems like a weird feature (even Jon Prosser had no idea) but who knows? What do you think of this new info?

Source: Front Page Tech