Jujubee Made a Game Called COVID: The Outbreak, and Critics are Raving

Developed by Jujubee & Released in May, COVID: The Outbreak is Getting High Ratings

Unconventional Polish developer Jujubee, who has also been the brains behind “Truck Simulation 19,” KURSK,” and “FLASHOUT 3D,” released “COVID: The Outbreak” on May 29th, 2020. A beautiful, interactive strategy game, gamers must play the role of a global organization (think the World Health Organization) that must successfully navigate a worldwide pandemic. Watch the trailer here. 

Additionally, players will be given the responsibility of communicating with other parties, issuing decrees, testing vaccines, and developing various projects. To quote Pawel, head of Jujubee’s marketing-team: “The player will also have to deal with a barrage of fake news about the virus, decide whether to postpone, cancel, or let an event go as planned and if things get really messy, impose martial law to restore order. On top of that the virus may mutate…” Sounds pretty darn detailed, doesn’t it? 


Does this seem familiar to present-day problems? Based on data published by the World Health Organization, as well as scientists and experts in other fields, the game was intended to educate players, as well as provide them with stimulating entertainment. It leaves players with bountiful knowledge on how to protect themselves and their loved ones from the current pandemic we are facing.

Since its release on Steam, the game has gained a glowing review-average of 90% from players. In a Polish press-release, the developer expressed: “The studio would like to thank everyone for the tremendous support they have received before, during, and after the game has been available for purchase on Steam and GOG.” If this doesn’t exhibit their sweetness enough, we have gotten word that 20% of sales from May-June will be donated to the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) and other foundations fighting to ease the burden of the current pandemic– as well as coming up with a vaccine. Supporting this game feels like a no-brainer to me– what do you think?

Source: Games Press