Rumors Suggest RE8 Most Gruesome Entry Yet

Well They Weren’t Going In The Opposite Direction

Dusk Golem, the internet’s most well-known Capcom leaker, has brought fresh rumors regarding Resident Evil 8. This most recent report suggests that the upcoming game will be the darkest, most gruesome entry so far. Considering the tone set by Resident Evil VII, this makes a lot of sense. That game was bleak.

Resident Evil 2 resident evil project

Other key words bandied about during this report are ‘divisive,’ ‘horrible,’ and ‘f**ked up.’ Also Chris Redfield is getting a re-design, but that seems less important by comparison. There is of course, no concrete evidence to reinforce these claims, other than Dusk Golem’s storied history as a leaker of Capcom news.

This isn’t anything like an official announcement. Major details regarding AAA games change all the time! But Dusk Golem has a habit of getting certain details correct. Or at least, he reports on Capcom so often that the averages end up in their favor. Still, Capcom has been making steady progress with their game release over the last few years. We’ve been getting a constant stream of new games and excellent remasters for a while now. It wouldn’t be a huge stretch to anticipate both RE4 Remastered and Resident Evil 8 sometime in the next couple of years.