Melbourne Metro’s Public Safety Campaign Is Getting (Another) Game

A Cute, Simple Game That You Can Play On Public Transport

‘Dumb Ways to Die’, Melbourne Metro’s famous public safety campaign involving adorable bean-characters dying gruesome animated deaths to a catchy tune, is getting a new runner-style mobile game. Out now for iOS users on the Apple App Store, Dumb Ways to Die: Superheroes features 3D racetracks and simple one-touch mechanics which make it easy to pick up and enjoy on the go.

Dumb Ways To Die Campaign

The game features the adorable Bean characters from the previous ‘Dumb Ways to Die’ games, now armed with unique superhero powers. With each run, payers take their Beans on a parkour romp and race other Beans across city rooftops rife with dynamic dangers, including stinger bee hives, fire chimneys, and even laser beam robots.

Superheroes is available exclusively for iOS at this time, and for the next 4 weeks. Presumably, the Android app will be released at a later date, as with the original ‘Dumb Ways to Die’ game.

The ‘Dumb Ways to Die’ games are actually part of a railway safety campaign by the Melbourne (Australia) Metro. Superheroes, as the seventh title in the game series, aims to continue raising awareness on various commonplace safety issues while keeping the delivery fun and memorable, stated Leah Waymark, CEO of Dumb and Melbourne Metro executive.

Most notably, the Dumb Ways to Die campaign spawned a viral animated video featuring a ridiculously catchy song, also titled ‘Dumb Ways to Die’. Though the video campaign was successful, drawing over 350 million views on Youtube, it was also controversial for demonstrating dangerous acts (such as running across railway tracks and eating superglue, among others) and potentially inspiring imitation.

Source: Press release