Gorn Is Coming to PlayStation VR Later This Month

Gladiatorial Rap Battles

The phrase “rip and tear” is most associated with Doom, but in Gorn, you get to rip and tear with your bare, virtual hands. If you are an owner of a VR platform and have not played Gorn, you are seriously missing out. It is a physics-based gladiator arcade experience, where you slay waves and rounds of variously armoured and armed enemies. You can use weapons like swords, spears, hammers, bow and arrows, even firearms, rocks, and your bare hands if you so choose. Gorn first launched on Steam Early Access in 2017.

Gorn VR - Pax West 2017

A few days ago, a PSVR launch trailer was released for Gorn. It shows off all the bloody carnage and weapons you can fit into a 50 second long trailer. It is also backed by a hip-hop track of a gladiator language. If you are a PSVR owner and have not seen Gorn, check out Let’s Plays of early iterations of the game by Achievement Hunter and Funhaus, and you will see what is in store for you. All the dismemberment, cleaving, and impaling you can handle awaits you.

Developed by Free Lives, Gorn is available now on Steam Early Access and is compatible with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Starting on May 19th, Gorn will be available on PSVR as well. The PSVR version will also have a Piñata Mode where gladiators are made of paper mâché and drop candy instead of blood. You know, for the kids.

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Source: YouTube