Dishonored Series Not on Hold, Says Arkane Creative Director

The Dishonored Series Isn’t on a Hiatus

Arkane co-creative director Dinga Bakaba told IGN Middle East in a recent interview that the studio’s stealthy Dishonored series hasn’t been put on hold despite the opposite being said about the series back in 2018.

In 2018, Arkane lead designer Richard Bare reportedly said that the Dishonored series was “resting for now”. However, according to Bakaba, “the rumors of putting the IP on hold was highly exaggerated and was misquoted”.

“I don’t think there was a decision to put [the] Dishonored series on hold,” he said, adding that Bare’s initial statement “was over interpreted.”

As for what future Dishonored games could be about, Bakaba said that the storyline of the previous games was completed and the studio doesn’t expect to revisit the main cast of those games.

“It’s something where we had a story to tell about the Kaldwins and the Outsider, and that story is over,” Bakaba explained. “So, whatever happens, that Dishonored is complete. This is the best, and most honest answer we can give but, in any case, I don’t think we will be revisiting that [the Kaldwin storyline]. That’s clearly a creative choice. Some other people might have thought differently, you know, but that was a creative choice to not revisit that part of the Dishonored world.”