[Rumor] Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Leaks on Zoom Meeting

Here Comes the Spider-Men in Black

Full disclosure, following is subject to be entirely false. It is also subject to be spoilerific, so be warned. A Reddit post is claiming that a meeting on Zoom took place where many details of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 had been unveiled. They range from everything between missions, new characters, plot, and gameplay. It claims that gameplay footage was shown and that a source had been recording details about what they saw. If these notes ring true, then some of the more exciting details are definitely some of the characters coming to this game.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2

The first major detail is the idea that the symbiotes will be introduced. There is mention of a cutscene shown between J. Jonah Jameson and Eddie Brock, meaning that Vemon would be present. It was also said that each suit would have a symbiote version of it. There are also hints at other Marvel New Yorkers appearing in the game; a “certain lawyer” in Hell’s Kitchen and a “fantastic and fiery” character for Spidey to race. Spider-Man fans may recall 2005’s Ultimate Spider-Man game where Human Torch also appeared in racing side-missions.

There are other mechanics and mission details that appear to be throwbacks to the video game tie-in Spider-Man 2 game. These examples include radiant missions such as saving construction workers from a fatal fall or grabbing a child’s balloon out of a tree, you know, friendly neighboring stuff. There is also a battle with Mysterio at the Statue of Liberty shown. The Spider-Man 2 game also had a strikingly similar story arc. There are a ton of other details mentioned in the Reddit post, but something you definitely want to pay attention to is the possible release date. This rumor suggests that it will release in the 2021 holiday season for PS5.

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Source: Reddit