Later Daters – Senior Citizen Dating Sim on PC and Switch

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There are dating sims of every flavour out there. There’s a pigeon dating sim, a dad dating sim, a differently-abled dating sim, and even a KFC dating sim. Now there’s a senior citizen dating sim. From Bloom Digital Media comes Later Daters. In Later Daters, the player arrives at a retirement home and meets a bunch of other residents, learning about them, and eventually romancing them. The game is split up into seasons with each season split into episodes.

Later Daters

When beginning Later Daters, you can customize your senior. You can determine their name, their history, and their looks. You can choose their gender; male, female, trans (as if real seniors were that accepting), you can choose their sexuality; hetero, LGBTQ+, poly (as if real seniors were that accepting), and racial heritage (as if real seniors were that accepting). There is also an option for an animal companion, which can be a cat, dog, or robot (as if real seniors were that accepting). What is unclear is if you can choose to have a tattoo from your youth, and if it really does look bad now that you’re older.

Season 1 of Later Daters came out on April 16th, but until April 23rd, you can get it on Steam for 18% off. There is no word yet on when the next season is coming out or how many seasons there will be. Later Daters is out now on PC and Nintendo Switch.

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Source: YouTube