Cat Quest Pawsome Pack Hits Retail This Summer

Two Games, Tons of Cat Puns

Cat adventure enthusiasts, take heart! Cat Quest I & II are coming together in a Pawsome Pack this summer! The retail combo is hitting store shelves (?) on July 31st, assuming stores still exist by then. If you’ve missed out on one or both games up to this point, now’s your chance to correct that mistake.

Cat Quest Pawsome Pack

The Cat Quest games are a pair of open-world RPGs with a focus on cat puns and the animals that inspire them. While the first game is a single-player affair, the sequel introduces co-op elements. Also the second game brings dogs into play, via the Lupus Empire.

Whether you’re a fan of cats, cat puns, or open-world RPGs, this seems like a good move? Our review of the original Cat Quest has some good things to say about it, at least. I freely admit that I’ve completely slept on these games up to this point. The person who needs to take advantage of this bundle is definitely me. Whatever your thoughts on cat-based games, you’ll have one more chance to check them out when the Pawsome Pack launches on PS4 and the Nintendo Switch on July 31st.

SOURCE: Press Release