You Can Now Batista Bomb People in Gears 5

Alexa, Play My Entrance Music

Chances are that if you were a guy (or girl) who was born in the last 30ish years, you were probably raised watching the WWE. There was nothing quite like suplexing your younger brother through the living room coffee table and then telling your parents it was the dog’s fault. Good times. Well, now you can relive your childhood when you pick up and play Gears 5. The latest and greatest addition to the Gears 5 franchise added the wrestler Batista to the roster. However, he did not have the ability to unleash his signature move on any unsuspecting players. Thankfully, this glaring issue in the game has now been fixed.

gears 5 batista feature

The WWE superstar turned actor was scheduled to be inducted into the Wrestling Hall of Fame today. Unfortunately, this was unable to commence thanks to the coronavirus outbreak. So this is a good way to celebrate the illustrious career of the Bautista instead. To add even more good news, the finisher is going to be totally free. Now anyone can execute their opponents in a spectacular fashion.

Gears being Gears, when the finisher is actually used in-game, it makes the person on the receiving end explode into a million bloody pieces. The funny thing is that this is probably one of the least ridiculous things that are present in the game. After all, the Gears series was made famous by being able to chainsaw another person in half with an attachment on your rifle.

Keep in mind that this once in a lifetime offer is only going to be available to download until April 18th. So act while you still can. Can you imagine how much trash you could talk to your friends if you Batista bombed them to death?

Disclaimer: COGconnected does not support anyone being Batista bombed to death IRL.