Xbox Series X’s New CPU to Potentially Double Its Performance

Zen 2 CPU Seriously Delivers With Performances to Rival Most Gaming PCs

Microsoft’s aim with their next-gen console seems to stand far ahead of the hardware aspects of the other consoles in the market. Xbox Series X’s New CPU, Zen 2, is said to pack the power modern gaming demands. Many new games are being developed for stronger hardware, may it be the realism in upcoming Cyberpunk, or the power to support VR. With streaming and competitive games also becoming more popular, the demand for smooth 60fps have only grown.

Halo Infinite

CPU is like the engine of a computer. You may surround it with powerful SSDs and graphic cards, but if CPU falls behind, everything will lag behind it. This is especially true for running multiple taxing software at the same time. The most obvious example is probably trying to stream an already taxing game. With interconnectivity and sharing becoming larger than just trying to be an online personality, streaming has become almost an expectation. I personally don’t stream for the public, but often stream for my group of friends when they can’t be there to join our gaming sessions. With one-button streaming integrated to such things as Discord, it is easier than ever on PC to stream.

Of course, speaking of SSDs, this will be included in Xbox Series X as well. What SSDs can do is to drastically improve load times in games with lost of assets. Open-world games are usually the things most improved by an SSD. That includes games like Witcher 3, Fallout, and even upcoming games like Cyberpunk. In games where you are expected to enter many different zones back and forth, and expected to load those areas each time, SSDs keep you playing more often than waiting.

In an interview with Gaming Bolt, 3D Realms’ co-founders Frederik Schreiber and Scott Miller has only good things to say about the platform. “We see that the Series X will have almost double the performance output, which will be a huge benefit for larger scale AAA games. And for smaller games, it will allow faster loading times, faster streaming, better AI, and, of course, 60 FPS and 4K much more often.”

What are your thoughts on Xbox Series X’s New CPU? Do you think it’s overhyped, or perhaps you think it’s finally about time the console players get hardware to compete with PC players. Let us know!

Source: Gaming Bolt