Valve is Excited to See Mods That Bring Half-Life: Alyx Out of VR

Some Things Really Are Better in VR

Half-Life: Alyx has released today and fans are going berzerk. So far, Valve’s attempt to take the Half-Life series into virtual reality has been a resounding success. Many reviews are claiming that Alyx is the best VR game to date. Chances are we will be looking back at Half-Life: Alyx for years to come as a trendsetter in the video games industry. However, despite the huge steps this game has taken in terms of moving VR forward, Valve is looking forward to people using mods to take Half-Life: Alyx out of virtual reality.

Modders taking this game out of VR was inevitable. While VR is really starting to take off, there are still millions of people who do not have a VR headset that will allow them to enjoy the new experience. PC and console gaming will remain the most popular for years to come. However, Valve is not upset by this news and they have actually encouraged it so it can be used as a teachable moment.

Robin Walker said in an interview with VGC, “As a result, what I’m confident will happen is that when people get that butchered version, and they’ll have lost all the things that we’ll have got from moving to VR, they will then understand very clearly why we made that choice.”

Despite a lot of praise and excitement leading up to the release of Half-Life: Alyx, many long time fans of the franchise were angry or disappointed that Valve decided to release the next Half-Life as a VR game. Lots of people felt let down, especially after waiting so long since the last Half-Life game. Fans will soon be able to play Alyx on other platforms, but it will a much less exhilarating time.