Square Enix’s Lineup for PAX East 2020


People have been talking and hyping up Final Fantasy VII Remake for a very long time now, and you could have a chance to play it if you are going to PAX East this year. Square Enix’s Lineup was announced yesterday and it includes many exciting events for fans to participate in. The main games being featured will be, of course, Final Fantasy VII Remake, Final Fantasy XIV Online, and Outriders.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Screenshot

For FF VII Remake, there will be playable demos available for fans to test out how the new gameplay systems feel. Additionally, there will be signing sessions with voice actors that portrayed Tifa, Barret, Aerith, Jessie, and Briggs (check the source for times). If you want a cool picture to remember you time there, you can pose with Cloud’s awesome Hardy Daytona motorcycle. Finally, there will be giveaways of posters with brand new artwork of the characters available.

For FF XIV Online, you can participate in trying to take on the latest 8-player trial, and if you emerge victorious, you’ll get a free commemorative t-shirt. You can also take a picture with props of your favourite weapon from the game, and there will, of course, be giveaways of posters and postcards. You can also attend the physical developer live stream with the director and the lead character concept artist as well!

Lastly, for Outriders, it will be just a developer panel titled: People Can Fly Developer panel – “A New Flavor of Sci-Fi: Creating the Universe of Outriders.” The panel will be headed by the lead writer, Joshua Rubin, and he will be joined by multiple key members of the development team. The panel will focus on “The process of creating a dark and brutal Sci-Fi universe from scratch.”

If you are curious about the times/locations of the Square Enix’s lineup events, make sure to check out the source below!

Source: Pure Playstation