MotorStorm Devs Teaming up with Larian on Baldur’s Gate 3

New Studio, Same Faces

Today, Wushu Studio announced that they have been working with Larian on Baldur’s Gate 3. If you aren’t familiar with Wushu, don’t worry, they haven’t released a title under that name yet. You may be more familiar with the name Evolution Studios that were forced to shut down by Sony around 2016. They had developed the MotorStorm series on the PS3 and later Driveclub for the PS4. After the shutdown, some of the remaining veterans formed Wushu together and they have been working quietly on private projects – apparently, Baldur’s Gate 3 was one of them.

They broke the news on their twitter @wushustudios. They posted, “We’re so delighted to share we’ve been working alongside the incredibly talented @larianstudios on @baldursgate3! A chance to work on an iconic franchise like Baldur’s Gate is a rare dream & we’re honored to support such a visionary team.” They also added,#BaldursGate3 is just one of several projects currently being worked on here at the studio. We’re excited to share more later this year!”

This is very exciting news for Wushu studios to be working on such a hyped game with Larian, whose so far had an outstanding track record. I’m especially interested in seeing how their experience working on mainly racing titles will carry over to other genres. I get a sense that the studio was a bit pigeon-holed into developing racing games due to Sony, and are finally given the chance to do something creative as an independent studio.

On their personal project, we know that they’ve been working on an unnamed sci-fi game. Its focus is said to be single-player narrative experience but we haven’t been given much information about the gameplay just yet. We are excited to see them back in action and working with Larian on Baldur’s Gate 3!

Source: Twitter