Kojima Productions Tweets Have Silent Hill Fans Shook

Pencil In A Panic Attack

Ever since the ill-fated PT demo back in 2015, Silent Hill fans have been left out in the cold. Now, any hints at a future entry in the franchise are snatched up with relentless fervor. Case in point, a couple of Kojima Productions tweets have been dissected and displayed for any hints about a new Silent Hill game.

So what’s in the aforementioned Twitter posts? Well, one post has the phrase “sorry to be silent everyone.” The same post also has a photo of Aki Saito holding a Pyramid brand pencil. Compelling stuff, I know. Kojima himself has a habit of being a somewhat mysterious dude, though this seems like a tiny stretch.

There was also the time Masahiro Ito, the Silent Hill monster designer, said he was working on an unannounced project that he hopes won’t get cancelled. If you’re starving for this sort of information, there’s more you can find. Although it’s even flimsier than what’s been recorded here. Hideo Kojima has made multiple statements over the last few months about how much he wants to work on a horror game, for example. Will all this coalesce into something like an actual video game, or will this mysterious project go the way of the PT demo? Only time will tell.