Future Gran Turismo Games Could Be 240 FPS

Eye-Melting Realism

We’ve been getting reports that the next generation of games and consoles is going to focus on performance over power. Some comments from Gran Turismo developer and Polyphony Digital CEO Kazunori Yamauchi confirmed as much. He’s hoping to push future Gran Turismo games as high as 240 fps. It’s difficult to even conceptualize that kind of smooth operation.

Gran Turismo

For Yamauchi, 4K resolution is enough. We’re no longer experiencing massive generational leaps, like we did between the PS1 and the PS2. He stated that “In terms of frames per second, rather than staying at 60 fps, I’m more interested in raising it to 120 FPS or even 240 FPS. I think that’s what’s going to be changing the experience from here on forward.”

For a lot of gamers, frame rate is infinitely more important than resolution. Fighting games and racing titles both require frame-perfect inputs for professional levels of play. One posits that a higher fps ceiling opens up the field to ever greater heights in terms of individual achievements. Just think how utterly granular things like speedruns and tournaments will get once we get everyone over that 60 fps hump. Indeed, if the reports about the next round of consoles are to be believed, this will be one of the primary focal points of both PlayStation and Xbox. The future is going to bring a whole new meaning to ‘butter smooth graphics.’