Square Enix Releases 5 Minute Final Fantasy VII Remake Opening

Seeing the Sights of Midgar

Well, slap a saddle on me and call me a chocobo. Just yesterday, I was talking about how Square Enix will only be showing us screenshots until the game finally releases. Then, they up and release an extended Final Fantasy VII Remake opening. I should be openly skeptical about this game more often. Still, while it shows us some new cinematics, it isn’t really new-new. There is no big surprise being revealed or new gameplay or anything like that. It is really just an extension to the original opening to the game with modern graphics.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Opening

the new scenes are pretty reminiscent of the opening of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. It begins with a shot of Gaia’s mountain landscape, then follows a hawk or bird of prey as it approaches Midgar. As the bird passes through the pollution of the Mako reactors, we can see the metropolis of Midgar. There are large buildings, public transit tracks, highways, and many roads. It is also daytime, and daytime Midgar is a never really depicted. We also see children riding their bikes through the streets and into the slums. As night falls, the streetlamps power up and the Mako reactors light the sky.

At this point, the classic opening with Aerith communicating with the Planet begins. The opening continues on through to AVALANCHE’s arrival at Reactor 1, where Jesse, Biggs, Wedge, Barret, and Cloud are introduced. Final Fantasy VII Remake will be available on April 10th exclusively on PS4.

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Source: YouTube