The Creators of Outer Worlds Are Working on Another Triple-A RPG

Obsidian is Working on Something Big

Obsidian is currently working on an unknown project. There were a handful of new job openings that have opened up at the company. This would suggest things are starting to really ramp up. All we know at the moment it that the undisclosed game is going to be an RPG and it’s going to be big. Due to the recent success of Outer Worlds, fans should be excited.

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We know that Obsidian is still working on new content for Outer Worlds as well as Grounded. However, the third game is a total mystery. The first paragraph of the job listing from their website reads as follows. “Obsidian Entertainment is always looking for creative individuals interested in a challenging environment creating the best role-playing games in the world. If making the next generation of role-playing games in a friendly, enjoyable atmosphere is what you’re looking for, we want to hear from you!”

As you could imagine, this has already sparked tons of debate across forums around the internet. The first and most obvious guess is that Obsidian is going to be developing another Fallout game. They were the masterminds behind Fallout: New Vegas after all. As crazy as this might seem at first glance it is not impossible. Considering how poor Bethesda has done as of late, it might be the best course of action to put the responsibility in the hands of another studio for the time being. Especially since Fallout 76 was such a disaster.

If Outer Worlds was any indication, we know that Obsidian has a very talented and respectable team. Fallout: New Vegas is considered by many to be the best of the Fallout franchise too. Perhaps we will see another Obsidian led Fallout game in the near future.