Bloodroots’ Clever Kills Hit The Switch This Month

Death By Giant Fish Head

Bloodroots has been in the pipes for a good while now. Finally, the game’s newest trailer comes with a release date. Better still, that release date is very soon! February 28th, as a matter of fact. Soon you too will able to kill someone with an oversized fish head.

bloodroots top

The trailer embedded below has a few more hints at what’s to come once the game is out in the wider world. Mostly, what’s coming is murder? Fish heads, Giant boots, pistols, and burly arms are all deployed in generous doses to facilitate your thirst for revenge. Quite a lot of bloodshed is packed into those 47 seconds, which bodes well for the full game’s average pace. Hope you weren’t looking to relax.

The action in question is a lightning fast isometric affair, a blend of Hotline-style cinema and Celeste-esque storytelling. That last bit is no exaggeration, as the game’s writer has also worked on Celeste and Guacamelee 2. So there’s a certain narrative pedigree in play here. Bloodroots is coming to PC, PS4, and the Nintendo Switch on February 28th. You’ll be zipping across screens and snapping spines in scarcely a fortnight. Check out the trailer below!