Vermintide 2 Will Be Adding a New In-Game Store

It Doesn’t Look All That Bad Really

Vermintide 2 will soon be adding a brand new in-game store for the player to spend their hard earn currency on. This store is going to focus almost entirely on cosmetic items, so you will not be able to buy new cheat weapons from the store. But you will be able to crush dirty rat-men in style thanks to what the store offers. While in-game purchases have a bad reputation, this has to be one of the most benign out of them all.

Vermintide 2 hero

A lot of communities within games get a bad taste in their mouth when in-game stores are added and that is not without good reason. There are countless games that have been handicapped or downright ruined by microtransactions or loot boxes. However, this does not seem to be the case with Vermintide 2. CEO Martin Wahlund said that this new store is just a way for fans to get ahold of some new cosmetics.

“From the get-go, we’ve had a lot of cosmetics in the game, but it’s hard to get them,” he says. “They’re rare and sometimes people haven’t been able to target the ones that they want. We thought we should have a system where people can have long-term goals to work towards certain cosmetics for the classes they play or the ones that they like.”

The majority of the items that are going to be available can be purchased with the currency you will receive for completing quests. It will mostly be hats, weapon illusions, and hero skins that will be in store when it launches. However, that does not mean that more things can’t be added to the game at a later date. Hopefully, the in-game store remains a background presence, not an essential game mechanic.