Trials Rising Gets Cold With the Polar Expedition

Trials Rising Polar Expedition Track Pack Releases Today

Trials Rising has received the winter-themed Polar Expedition track pack today which includes five new and cool tracks to plow through. The primary obstacles in these maps include snow and ice which will change the way your bike traverses the landscape as it would in the frigid Canadian winter. This winter-themed track pack is the game’s third pack to be added and many more are still to come. Trials Rising is available with all the track packs on PC, Xbox One, PS4 and the Nintendo Switch right now.

Trials Rising

The Polar Expedition track pack for Trials Rising includes maps called Permafrost, Glacial Mess, Inuit’s Paradise, Out Cold, and Iceferno. Each of these maps includes their own winter themes and obstacles that gamers will have to maneuver themselves through while the winter weather closes in around their homes. Iceferno is easily the toughest track out of all the new tracks in The Polar Expedition and it’s based on the final level of Hell which is apparently covered in ice as Hell has officially frozen over.

Inuit’s Paradise includes the beautiful Northern Aurora Borealis in the background which will distract gamers as they try to traverse the frigid North. Out Cold is a blizzard around a military station where gamers will be riding into the underground and discovering military secrets along the way. Permafrost is set in Greenland and it’s apparently the map gamers will get the most air-time on. Finally, Glacial Mess is a cluster of icebergs that crack and sink as gamers slide from one to another.

Are you racing through The Polar Expedition track pack or are you stuck on an older Trials title? Which map is your favorite to ride along so far? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Dualshockers