Team Ninja Says There Will Be Three Nioh 2 DLC Packs

Pretty Good Reason to Get the Special Edition

Nioh 2 is just under a couple of months away. It’s not even out yet and developer Team Ninja is already talking about what comes after. Yesterday on PlayStation Blog, creative director Tom Lee spoke about the post-launch content and revealed a new trailer for Nioh 2. According to the blog, fans will be able to look forward to three pieces of Nioh 2 DLC. You may recall that the first Nioh game also had three DLCs and amounted to a lot of time players could pour into it.

Nioh 2 DLC

We have three major DLC releases planned, with each focusing on a different storyline that pre-dates the events of Nioh 2, promising hours of additional gameplay that will provide plenty of challenge for those thirsting for more,” Lee said. “Similar to the original Nioh, players can expect new weapons, new combat abilities and new characters, with each DLC incorporating both multiple main and sub-missions.” So it sounds like these DLC packs, while they are not standalone, do stand apart from the main story of the base game.

Lee goes on to say that the game’s season pass, which will give free access to the DLC, will be included in the Digital Deluxe Edition of Nioh 2. The Digital Deluxe Edition also comes with “premium in-game items such as the Demon Horde armor set and Kodama Netsuke Charm.” Meanwhile, the Special Edition comes with the game, the season pass, a steelbook case, and “The Art of Nioh 2” booklet. Nioh 2 will be out exclusively on PS4 on March 13th.

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Source: PlayStation Blog