Star Wars Project Luminous Could Mean More Video Games

Star Wars Will Never Stop Making New Content 

The Skywalker Saga came to an end last year with the final movie of the trilogy being released. The movies overall were met with a lot of backlash from longtime fans however, the new movies surely had no problem sinking their hooks into a younger audience. Now that the movies are no longer on the radar, Lucasfilm and Disney have announced that they are work on something called Project Luminous. This new project is going to focus on just about everything Star Wars related. A self-proclaimed multimedia endeavor, Project Luminous is going to crank out a ton of new Star Wars content. Maybe even a couple of new video games.

Jedi Fallen Order

Star Wars video games have a mixed reputation amongst fans. While there have been some great ones, there have also been some that we wish were never released. That being said, the Star Wars brand must be feeling good about itself after the huge success that was Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

Disney’s plan for the Star Wars franchise is relatively mysterious. We don’t know what they are planning next, but Project Luminous is a sign of things to come. It is almost guaranteed that there are going to be more movies in the future, but that is most likely a ways away. In the meantime, new Star Wars video games could be released to fill the void.

It is quite obvious that Disney is just in this for money. While that is disheartening for a lot of fans, it can have its perks. Thanks to Disney’s insatiable thirst for profits, they will be throwing a lot of new Star Wars-themed shows and games at us for the foreseeable future. Chances are that some of those will stick.