Save The Sick Sable Family in Vitamin Connection

Vitamins With Lasers Coming Soon From WayForward

You get sick, you take drugs. Very straightforward stuff. Games have approached this subject before, but never with this level of infectious retro charm. Vitamin Connection is the newest project from WayForward, one wherein you control a pill that lasers its way through the human body. They’ve released a brand new trailer for the game that shows off a bit more of what’s in store for players.

Vitamin Connection

In fact, several human bodies! Vita-Boy and Mina-Girl operate two halves of a pill-shaped ship as it explores the Sable family. The game appears geared to local co-op, with two people able to control both halves of the ship in question. Said ship is absolutely a slowly spinning Joy-Con, which leads one to believe that some unique controls will be involved. Maybe a delightfully clumsy set of motion controls?

The game is set for release on February 20th, 2020. So far the Switch exclusive looks polished as heck. If WayForward’s other stellar work is any indication, Vitamin Connection is going to be a real banger when it comes out next month. You can check out the latest gameplay/story trailer embedded below. The whole thing feels like a health and safety PSA from the 1960’s. Hopefully the game maintains this curious charm upon its release.