Please Someone Make A Star Fox Movie

Gary Whitta Would Love To Write It, Apparently

A short while ago Raf Grassetti posted some amazing Star Fox art, all done up in this hyper-realistic style. This caught the attention of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story writer Gary Whitta, who said he would totally write up a Star Fox movie if someone was interested in making that happen.

Star Fox Movie

Specifically, Whitta said that “I want to write this animated movie.” Well, we also want you to write that movie, Gary Whitta. Who also wrote Book of Eli, and did some writing for the Walking Dead games, and wrote a comic series based on Death Jr. As for the chances of this happening, stranger things have sprung from the fertile grounds of fan art.

Not to say that fans can start the massive movie engine from zero, but fan work can play a key role in their development and completion. Detective Pikachu had help from a talented fan artist. Tyson Hesse, who was instrumental in that brutal Sonic movie re-tooling, got his start as a fan artist back in the day. In other words, if this beautiful portrait gets enough attention, movie studios might be looking for someone to write that script after all.