PlayStation 5 Backwards Compatibility Will Enhance Games Apparently

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We have breached 2020 and have now entered the same calendar year as the PS5 and Xbox Series X. I don’t know about anyone else, but I feel like I’m not ready yet; I feel like the Xbox One and PS4 still has a story to be told before the next ones, you know? But if you feel the same way, this alleged story might change your tune a bit. Apparently, Sony is working on some super secret tech that will enhance the PlayStation 5 backwards compatibility experience, so if you’re not quite done with your PS4, your games will be right there waiting for you.

PlayStation 5 Backwards Compatibility

According to HipHopGamer (who is hella hype), the PlayStation 5 will be backward compatible with titles from PS1 – PS4. Whenever a new console comes out, backwards compatibility has always been a question, but it seems that Sony is stepping up the backwards game. HipHopGamer is claiming that the PS5 will have a “remastering engine” that ups the resolution of older games. He compares this to how some emulators on PC can increase the resolution on ROMs, or how Xbox One X can play older games with the Xbox One X Enhancement. Apparently, this kind of enhancement will be available on all backwards compatible titles on the PS5.

HipHopGamer goes as far as to say that “individually remastered games will be a thing of the past.” Things like the upcoming Bayonetta & Vanquish 10th Anniversary Bundle will be no more, as the games will be automatically remastered on the new consoles, particularly PS5. That is a big claim there, but if it is true, it is certainly welcome. PS5 and Xbox Series X is expected to come out in the holiday season of 2020.

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Source: HipHopGamer