Players Are Testing Their Endurance In Nintendo Fitness Game

Push It To the Limits 

Players have been pushing themselves to the brink by playing absurd amounts of Nintendo’s Ring Fit Adventure. Most people will only go a couple of minutes a session, however, a Japanese woman has taken this game to the next level and has really pushed the boundaries. Going by the name Sakinyan, this individual plays Ring Fit Adventure religiously. She also plays much longer than most people, or what is even recommended by the game. Sakinyan went 18 hours without stopping. Crushing a handful of world records in the process.


Sakinyan went almost an entire day while playing Ring Fit Adventure. She only went to the bathroom once. But she was able to get a couple of snacks down while playing. This game is by no means offering the most intense workout in the world, but having the mental endurance to keep going is definitely notable.

Fitness and video games are not exactly synonymous. The first instance of “exercising while playing video games” came about with the release of the Wii in the middle of the 2000s. While it was theoretically possible to at least be active while playing on the Wii, most people just sat down on the couch and flicked their wrists really hard so they could land that crushing blow to Matt in Wii Sports. Nintendo would launch Wii Fit that would actually require people to stand up to properly play. But it wasn’t the most strenuous of tasks that the game asked players to complete.

It will be interesting to see how intense an “active video game” can actually be in the coming years. As technologies like VR improve perhaps it is only natural to expect to see fitness games rise in popularity.