New Animal Crossing New Horizons Commercial Reveals Box Art

Animal Crossing New Horizons Launches on March 20th

A new TV commercial for Animal Crossing New Horizons revealed some new gameplay and official box art. The commercial can be seen in the official Nintendo Japan YouTube video posted below.

The commercial shows the devious raccoon businessman Tom Nook selling Animal Crossing characters on the idea of living on a deserted island and, for reasons that are beyond this news writer, the animals seem to want to live there. New Horizons takes place on this island and features in-depth character and home customization, tons of relaxing mini-games, and a crafting system that lets players create objects such as their own furniture.

Animal Crossing New Horizons

The end of the commercial reveals Japanese box art that could be the same box art for all regions that game will be sold in or could be specifically for Japan.

What did you think of the commercial and the box art? What’s your opinion of Animal Crossing New Horizons so far? Are you hyped for a new Animal Crossing game? Which new feature are you looking forward to the most in this upcoming entry in the series?

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