Monster Hunter World: Iceborne for PC Has Problems and Players are Furious

Iceborne PC Problems are the Real Monster

Capcom released Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, the expansion for its popular Monster Hunter World, for PC this past Thursday, but players are complaining of Iceborne PC performance issues, and even worse problems.

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Among reports of high CPU loads comes many complaints of gamers having their old save files overwritten after the expansion fails to load them.

Monster Hunter World performs a check for save files upon starting up, and will let players know if the issue with an error message that reads “no compatible save was found.” Continuing on after receiving the message will result in the game creating a new save file over any older ones.

There are many theories as to what causes this particular error. Some have suggested it’s due to outdated mods or that it only happens to players who haven’t played in awhile and may have missed an important patch. These have both proven false as players who play regularly and those without mods have both experienced the issue.

Gaming website Polygon reached out Capcom who confirmed that they’re “aware and looking into the issue.”

Capcom suggests that users who have experienced the save file issue get in contact with their support team

These problems have led to Iceborne PC having a “Mostly Negative” review rating on Steam.

In spite of its rating, Monster Hunter World has had a busy weekend with the number of concurrent players peaking at 274,114 at the time of this writing.

Those of you who want to jump into Iceborne but are worried about encountering this glitch should make the effort to backup your save file on a local drive. For Monster Hunter World these files are generally found under “Steam\User data\(your steam user ID number)\582010 “. Backing up your files will allow you to do a save transfer in the unfortunate case that you do run into this error.

If you’re on the fence about Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, then our review might help you make up your mind.