There are Multiple Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMind Endings

“None of This Makes Sense to Me”

Earlier this week, the first Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC came out on PS4. It will be coming out on Xbox One next month, so if you are an Xbox player and don’t want anything spoiled, turn back. Or you can keep reading, because even to people who have played it, it doesn’t really make too much sense. Such is the Kingdom Hearts way. There are two Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMind endings; a “good” one and a “bad” one, and they hinge on whether or not you defeat the secret boss.

Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMind Endings

There are a few phases to the DLC: ReMind; where Sora rescues Kairi, Limit Cut Episode; where you briefly play as the other Keyblade wielders; and then the Secret Episode; where Sora fights the secret boss and determines the ending. You can find out a little bit more on the background of the secret boss here. The Secret Episode takes place in the world of the secret movie at the end of the base game. What’s with all the secrets? Well, even if you beat everything, you don’t get a straight answer. The secret boss is Yozora, and he is tasked with “saving” Sora, but for some reason, the two end up battling.

If Yozora wins, Sora turns into crystal and Yozora finds himself in the Final World. After that he awakens in a car. If Sora wins, Yozora fades away and Sora finds himself in the Final World. Regardless of the victor, a cutscene of Yozora in the car plays, with minor differences. The cool thing about this cutscene is that it is virtually identical to the teaser for Final Fantasy Versus XIII, which ended up turning into Final Fantasy XV. It features Noctis, but for this cutscene he is replaced by Yozora. That being said, none of this makes any sense. Kingdom Hearts 3 is available on PS4 and Xbox One.

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