The Witcher Netflix Series Almost Made Geralt a Secondary Character

Who Would Have Been the Main Character?

Geralt and The Witcher series are like two peas in a pod. Like Master Chief and Halo or Kratos and God of War. You can’t really have one without the other. While this seems like something that shouldn’t need to be said, the showrunners of The Witcher Netflix series were very close to making this fatal mistake. The show was seriously considering making Ciri the focus of the show rather than Geralt.

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While this would have enraged plenty of fans. Geralt would have obviously still bee in the show, but just played a little bit of a background role. The show was originally going to use Ciri as the main character and even the narrator of the series. While this might seem like a huge misstep by the people behind the show, remember that the Netflix series is going to be based on the books rather than the games themselves. In the books, Ciri does play a much larger role than she does in the games.

The show is going to use a couple of characters’ points of view to tell the story, but it will just mainly be from Geralt’s point of view. Early reviews of the game have indicated that the show did a good job portraying The Witcher world and the people within it. So whatever, route the showrunners chose has had some sort of a positive effect.

The Witcher could end up being one of the only good video game to film/tv adaptations that we have ever seen. There is almost no competition, but it is still an impressive accomplishment. The hype for the show is only growing as we get closer to its debut.

The Witcher will premiere on December 20th on Netflix.