Upcoming Super Mario Maker 2 Update Turns Mario Into Link

Super Mario Maker 2’s Next Update Launches on December 5th

An upcoming Super Mario Maker 2 update will add new course items, new enemies, a new Ninji speedrunning mode, and a new Master Sword power-up that turns Mario into a playable 8-bit Link. This new update is scheduled to launch on Thursday.

Super Mario Maker 2

Unfortunately, some of these new additions come with conditions. For instance, the Master Sword power-up is only usable in the Super Mario Bros. game style. Also, a new item, the Dash Block, can only be used in Super Mario 3D World game styles while the new Frozen Coin item isn’t available for that game style.

Furthermore, the Ninji speedrunning mode, which includes special courses made by Nintendo, is only available for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers. Completing Ninji courses rewards players with stamps and unique Mii costumes.

That said, the new enemies, Spike and Pokey, and the new P Block item are available in all game styles.

How does Super Mario Maker 2’s next update seem so far? Which new feature are you anticipating the most? Do you plan on trying out the Ninji speedrunning courses and getting those rewards? Speak your mind in the comments section below the article.