Relive Dead Cells History With The Legacy Update

Find The Version You Loved Best

Dead Cells is the gift that keeps on giving. Case in point, the game has gotten a Legacy Update that allows players to revisit old versions of the software. You know, just in case you have a soft spot in your heart for the beta, or the 1.0 release. The update also has like, fixes and things, listed below:

dead cells

-Gold and cells are now collected over an unlimited distance by default. Hence, this affix has been removed from the game.
-A new skill has been added, the Ice Armor. Covers your body with ice that explodes, freezing enemies, when you activate the skill again or after a few seconds. If you take -a hit while it still active, you don’t take any damage/ malaise and the ice explodes, but the cooldown is doubled.
-A new shield has been added: the Ice Shield which, surprise, freeze all enemies around you on a successful parry. Parried projectiles will also freeze the enemies.
-Frostbite a new survival mutation, has been added, turning the “slowed” status into a dot in addition to its usual effect.
-Cold Blood, a survival mutation, has been added. Reduces cooldown when you melee hit a slowed, rooted or frozen mob.
-A new skin, honoring our favorite white-bearded gift-bringer reindeer trainer grand’ Pa, has been added.
-Meat Skewer has been reworked, with the first strike of the combo dashing and piercing through mobs. The weapon next attacks inflicts critical damages on the enemies pierced with the first strike.
-Frontline shield has been reworked, it now gives you a damage boost on melee strikes after a successful parry.
-Lightning Whip does more damages, and will also deal damages to the enemies close to the target (currently 50%).

Not only are players getting the current version patched up and ready to rock, but they can travel back in time to the land before nerfs, so to speak. If you’re the sort of gamer who remembers when the game wasn’t so busted, this will be perfect for you. On top of that, future versions will be included in this feature. Whichever version of Dead Cells you discover is your favorite, that’s the version you can keep on playing.