New Final Fantasy VII Remake Screenshots From Throughout the Game

Including a Very Cool Summon

Today Square Enix new screenshots from the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake. It seems that’s about all they can do since we already know the story and all the characters, but damn, they look good. We get images from pretty much every part of the game. We’ve seen images from the reactor bombing, Aerith’s church, now the Train Graveyard and the Shinra Headquarters. There are also close-ups of characters, major and minor alike. These Final Fantasy VII Remake screenshots show us the world as we remember it from 1998.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Screenshots

Highlights from this batch of screenshots include classic moments like Tifa looking up at the stars and Sephiroth burning Nibelheim. We are also shown close-ups of Shinra executives, President Shinra himself and Heidegger, as well as the original character Roche. Roche is a former SOLDIER 3rd Class now known as Speed Demon. He will likely be one of the main villains and add an element of danger to the motorcycle chase toward the end of the game. We also see images of the classic summon Shiva while she uses her signature move Diamond Dust.

We also see set pieces like the Train Graveyard in the slums of Sector 7 and the contrasting luxury of the Shinra Building. The images of the Shinra Building show various levels including the lobby, the Relaxation Floor, and the collection of Shinra cars. You can even spot the truck that Cloud’s party makes their escape on in the original game. Final Fantasy VII Remake comes out on March 3rd, 2020 on PS4. You can check out all our other news on Final Fantasy VII Remake on our site.

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Source: Square Enix