Minecraft PS4 Is Getting Cross-Play in the Next Update

One of Us, One of Us

Minecraft is huge, in both scope and legacy. It has been ported to pretty much every platform. People make jokes about Skyrim being on everything, but it’s really Minecraft. What Minecraft lacks is unification, but it’s working on it. In fact, tomorrow it will take another step in that direction. On December 10th, the Minecraft PS4 Edition is going to be getting an upgrade to the Bedrock Edition, which is the *ahem* foundation of cross-play that the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch versions use.

Minecraft PS4

Basically what is happening is that the standard Minecraft on the Playstation Store will be replaced with the Bedrock Edition. If you are a PS4 owner with Minecraft already purchased, your game will update to the Bedrock Edition. Additionally, disc-based editions will unlock a download for the Bedrock Edition, so everyone will be up to speed. In order for progress and completion to transfer from the Xbox One edition and PS4, players will have to log in to a Microsoft or Xbox Live account. If you continue your Xbox One game on PS4 however, it will not unlock Achievements, but it will unlock Trophies.

Earlier today, a cross-play trailer was released for Minecraft featuring players with an Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PS4 playing together, colour-coded. While players have probably already gotten used to playing with their friends on the same platforms, it’s nice to have the option now. The PS4 Bedrock Edition of Minecraft goes live tomorrow, on December 10th. Minecraft is currently available for… well, everything.

What platforms do you play Minecraft on? Will you be taking advantage of cross-play? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Eurogamer