Boyfriend Dungeon Also Coming to Switch

Sometime In 2020

Today, already rich with Indie Nintendo news, has yet more to give. Kitfox Games has announced that Boyfriend Dungeon is coming to the Nintendo Switch as well as the PC sometime next year. And hey, 2020 is a much more positive release window than “when weapons are beautiful enough.”

Boyfriend Dungeon

The news also came with a new trailer, one that features several of the aforementioned boyfriends. This one has been cooking for a good while, but so far that time in the oven seems very worth it. The trailer also features quick glimpses of some new monsters, as well as Seven the Lasersaber’s transformation sequence. He’s a Kpop star who’s not fond of fan clubs!

If you’re still not sure about this one, it’s a dungeon crawler and dating sim where you date your weapons. It’s the perfect premise for anyone looking to get to know everything possible about their dungeon gear. Or maybe you just stay up all night dreaming about banging your sword. Look, no one’s judging here. While there’s no release date yet, it’s looking like we’ll get Boyfriend Dungeon sometime in 2020 for the PC and the Nintendo Switch. Check out the latest trailer below!

SOURCE: Press Release