The Witcher Netflix Series Set to Be Full of Magic and Destruction

The Witcher Set to Be Different Than Game of Thrones With Lots of Magic Throughout

We’re just over a month away from the highly anticipated release of the Netflix adaptation of The Witcher series and just a few days ago it was announced that it was already renewed for a second season. Now the executive producer of the series teased that the series is full of magic and destruction and though many are comparing it to Game of Thrones, it’s set to be quite different.

The Witcher Netflix Posters Revealed

As we get closer to the first season’s release date next month there is still a lot about the show that is still rather unknown. In a recently published interview The Witcher executive producer, Tomek Bagiński, told Polish site Antyweb that they really tried not to use too much CGI, however one scene is so full of mass destruction and magic that they had to. Here’s what he had to say, “This is a series in which we wanted to shoot as many things as possible. These effects that appear are only there because they must appear. Not everything, of course, can be filmed. One of these situations will occur [here, Ogrodzieniec Castle], where the scale of the event that must happen, the level of destruction and magic and spells, is so spectacular that it must be done using computer effects.”

The creators behind the upcoming Witcher series are also very aware of all of the comparisons that have been made to the highly successul HBO series Game of Thrones. When asked exactly how the show will differ from Game of Thrones, Tomek Bagiński stated that both the presence of magic and humor will be the ultimate game changer. “What makes us different is the presence of magic and humor. This is not much in the Game of Thrones. Magic is rather delicate, and we use it to a large extent, which is more connected with history, and we try to make it not be such a dreary medieval drama. Sometimes there is a bit of humor and a smile, I think it will be very much appreciated by both book fans and new viewers.”

The Witcher Netflix Posters Revealed

The Witcher is set to release on Netflix on December 20th. Are you planning on watching? What do you think about these recent remarks from the executive producer? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to keep it locked for updates!