Steam is Having a Sale That is Focused Around Being Single

Lonely People Finally Getting the Attention They Need 

While most Western peoples usually associate November 11th with Remembrance Day (or something of that nature) it does have different meanings around the world. In China, for instance, it is a day that is dedicated to single people. One day of the year the single people of China are celebrated in one way or another. People go about this in many different ways. Some try and find love by going on dates, while others relish in their loneliness and eat a tub of ice cream and watch reality tv all day. Both are acceptable choices. However, you can now also buy video games on sale thanks to Steam. Steam is now joining in on the fun and is offering cheap video games for single people.

THQ Nordic Sale

You obviously don’t have to be single in order to take part in the sale. But Steam does have bachelors and bachelorettes in mind. This is by no means Steam’s biggest sale of the year by any stretch. It is probably on the smaller side when compared to others. You’ll have to wait for Christmas or Summer in order to get the really cheap deals. But a sale is a sale. So why not take advantage while you can?

This sale has knocked down the price for a handful of single-player and multiplayer games. It has not really affected any major triple-A games, but it has marked down some older classics. Telltale games, for instance, are all on sale. The Batman game is over 40% off at the moment.

This sale is not going to last very long though so you’ll have to act quickly if you want to get anything. The Single’s sale is due to end on the 12th at 8 am Pacific.