Shenmue 3 Launch Trailer Features Ryo and Lan Di Finally Facing Off

Shenmue 3 Is Only a Few Days Away from Launch

Shenmue 3 will finally come out next Tuesday on November 19th for PS4 and PC (via the Epic Games Store). For years, Shenmue fans thought the series was dead after Shenmue 2 came out in 2001 on the SEGA Dreamcast and the first Xbox. Much like its predecessor, the sequel to the 1999 Dreamcast classic had disappointing sales, so the series was dormant until a surprise E3 2015 announcement revealed a Kickstarter campaign for a third game.

Now, after nearly 20 years and several delays, Shenmue 3 is finally a reality.

As Ryo Hazuki, players will travel through 1980s China alongside a mysterious farm girl named Shenhua. Ryo is on a revenge quest to kill Lan Di, the evil martial artist and crime lord who killed Ryo’s father in the opening minutes of the first game. He also has to stop Lan Di from possibly ending the world with two magic stone mirrors.

Listen, Shenmue is a series with a lot of things going on.

Shenmue 3

As for the launch trailer, it shows protagonist Ryo doing what he usually does in Shenmue: Fight people and ask questions. There’s tons of action packed into this nearly three-minute trailer and it ends with a showdown between Ryo and his archnemesis, Lan Di.

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