PS5 Devkit Leak Has Shots of New Controller

That Part Might Not Change By Release Day

Recently, photos have been going around of the PS5 devkit leak. These things tend to change pretty drastically between development and release, so they’re hardly worth a person’s time. However, these photos also included a couple shots of a new Dualshock controller. Not to jump to conclusions, but that might be real, maybe?

ps5 devkit leak controller

Pictured above, the funkier, chunkier Dualshock controller is almost identical to the PS4 version, with a couple of key exceptions. The light bar is a little smaller, the shoulder buttons are set differently, and the grip sections seem less pronounced. Is this nonsense? Feel free to correct me in the comments!

To be extremely fair and balanced, this hot new model is (in this photo at least) not plugged into a PS5 devkit. Therefore, maybe this isn’t even a PS5 controller! If not however, I am even more curious about what this hunk of hardware is and what it’s doing like, existing in the first place. Have I mistaken a rare pro variant for a new product? Is this just a photography trick in action? Or are we actually looking at a proper, brand new controller for the PS5? Again, please feel free to correct me here.