Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Had the Biggest Digital Launch of the Entire Year

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Had 2019’s Best Selling Digital Launch so Far

When it launched Call of Duty: Modern Warfare put its contenders to shame, at least SuperData has officially shared its report for the month of October and it turns out that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare had the best selling digital title of 2019. Rather unsurprising considering it spent a few weeks on the top of the charts as the best selling physical title following its launch. That said, Modern Warfare isn’t the only star of October 2019.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Trailer

Okay, so the numbers are finally in for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and it turns out that while it’s taken the title as the best selling digital title of the year, selling approximately 4.75 million digital units, sales were down 11% from Black Ops 4 last year. Of course, this could, at least in part, be attributed to its late October launch as opposed to Black Ops 4’s early one.

It turns out that October was a pretty hot month for Apex Legends, as the game generated a whopping $45 million from in-game purchases, and it had its best month since it launched back in February. Compare that to its earnings of $16 million in September and Respawn’s battle royale certainly is showing some growth. According to SuperData, the lifetime revenue of Apex Legends comes in at less than 50% of what FIFA Ultimate Team earned during the same period of time. People certainly do love their soccer!


Lastly consumers spent roughly $8.84 billion digitally across all games, across all platforms in the month of October. What’s most surprising however is that while there are those who might scoff at the mere mention of mobile games, mobile game revenue grew 7% over last month, and continues to be a growth leader for digital games across every platform.  As an example, Call of Duty Mobile earned $57 million in revenue in October, with a massive 116 million monthly active users.

Curious to see who the top earners were last month? You can check out the top ten best selling titles for mobile, PC, and console below.

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