Bloodstained Switch Version Finally Gets Patched

At Long Last It’s Playable

To be specific, the game is 70% more playable then before. With the Switch version finally patched up, fans can now play the portable version of Igarashi’s Castlevania homage with 70% less crashing, lag, and offensive load times. This after several months of the game being in a more or less unplayable state on the Switch.

Xbox Game Pass switch fix switch version finally playable

If you’re curious, you can read up on the full patch 1.03 here. This post includes another apology to Japanese fans (who have gotten a truly raw deal up till now), and a detailed breakdown on the visual improvements. Full disclosure: the sided-by-side comparisons are utterly lost on me. I can’t tell the difference whatsoever. Hopefully the Switch version players can.

Once again, the Zangetsu update is an ephemeral thing, cast off to the fog of the future. Perhaps one day we’ll be able to play as this badass demon hunter. But that day is not today! Both that and the Iga’s Backpack DLC are relegated to patch 1.04, which currently has no release date. I mean, it makes sense, given that patch 1.03 literally just came out. But still! It just goes to show that Kickstarter games are a slog even once they’re properly released. Think before you crowdfund, kids. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is available now on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch.