Age of Empires IV Finally Gets Gameplay Trailer at XO19

It’s Finally Here!

After almost 15 years of waiting, fans have finally got a look at Age of Empires IV. The trailer was teased yesterday via Twitter on the behalf of Microsoft. So most people were expecting to see something. The trailer itself does not reveal all that much. But it does show some sort of gameplay footage.

Age of Empires IV concept art

Keep in mind that the gameplay shown is considered to be pre-alpha. So nothing is set in stone. However, what we do see is classic Age of Empires. The trailer showcases a small city that is being attacked by an invading force. The city is walled off with tons of infrastructure and villages teeming throughout it.

The armies themselves looked like things we have all seen before. It is clearly set in the Medieval era. This does not mean that the game is going to focus exclusively on this time period. But it does give us a good idea of what time in history the game will take place in. It does not seem like muskets will be playing a huge role in the game like some people were speculating. But then again this could all change quite quickly.

The visuals have improved significantly since 2005 (obviously) but it does not look like Age of Empires IV is going to be a very graphically demanding game. If anything the art style looks somewhat cartoonish.

There is still no official release date for the game. Something that is sure to upset tons of fans. But on the bright side, at least the ball is now rolling. We should expect to see a release date in the coming months and maybe even a full release in 2020. But that is being very optimistic.

Just be happy that Age of Empires IV is actually coming to fruition.