Valve Was Broken Into and Had $40k of Games and Equipment Stolen

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Valve has been the recent victim of burglary where forty thousand dollars worth of games, equipment, and other items had been taken. Valve has not been specific of what exactly was taken in the heist. All we know is that it happened. The Valve headquarters is located in Bellevue, Washington. Just outside of Seattle. This is where the theft occurred.

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Washington State Police have apprehended the man that they think is responsible for the break-in. 32-year-old Shawn Shaputis was picked up by authorities after being caught selling stolen video games at a GameStop in the local area. Shaputis has had previous run-ins with the law too. He already had six warrants out for his arrest for breaking into FedEx trucks and stealing what was inside.

Valve has not responded to what they are going to do about the break-in. However, heightened security like cameras and better protocols are almost guaranteed. It never looks good when a large company like Valve gets burglarized by a career petty criminal like Shaputis.

This incident took place in September but has remained relatively low profile until now. If Shaputis does not appear in court on time. Another warrant will be sent out for his arrest. They’ll have no choice but to send Dog the Bounty Hunter at this point.

Big video game companies are no stranger to having crimes carried out against them. However, they are usually committed via the internet and almost never physical. There is a long list of video game studios who have been hacked, harassed, and much more.

It should be interesting to see how other companies respond to this situation and what measures they will take in order to make sure they don’t fall victim as well.