Silent Hill Coming to a Slot Machine Near You

Truly Terrifying

Fans of the Silent Hill franchise have been in dire straits for years. P.T., the proposed spiritual successor to the franchise, was cancelled and cremated four years ago. Worse yet, there haven’t been any sequels announced since. Well, nothing aside from this fancy new slot machine. That’s what you wanted, right?

A pair of Silent Hill slot machines are being debuted at the Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas. They’ve got 4K displays, effects pulled straight from the games, and just enough nostalgic power to cause a terrible, constant ache in your chest. Who doesn’t want to see a beloved horror franchise skinned and stretched over the sleek surface of a casino’s newest machine?

You can check out a trailer below, if you want a good look at what Konami considers the best use of its IPs. The whole thing is keyed to slot machine buyers, and the language is utterly predatory. Neat! Between these machines, the Castlevania Pachinko systems, and whatever Konami is doing to Metal Gear Solid, it’s a… memorable time to be a Konami fan! Also, if you think Konami will ever stop doing this, you are woefully misjudging how much money these machines make.