A Group of Fortnite Players Have Formed a Professional Players Association

PPA For Short

A handful of professional Fortnite players have gotten together and formed a group called the Professional Players Association. This group is made up of the best Fortnite players in the world and was created in the hopes of having more say over competitive Fortnite.

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The new group released a statement after announcing their formation on Friday.¬†“It is an independent worldwide collective of professional Fortnite players. They continued. “Meant to provide us a professional platform to voice our opinions on the future of the competitive scene of Fortnite, so that we may have the most productive dialogue possible with developers.”

The group currently has 16 members in total. And their membership is expected to grow too. Many competitive video game pros feel like they do not have much say in the direction of the game that they make a living off of. It only makes sense that people who play these games professionally should want to have some sort of influence. These groups seem to want to function the same way that players associations do in sports.

As esports grow in popularity we should expect to see more groups similar to this. Competitive video games are already huge so it is only a matter of time. However, it should be noted that Epic Games has made no comment of the newly founded PPA and could very well just blow them off.

There is nothing that says Epic Games or any other video game giant needs to listen to these pros. Honestly, it is hard to see what sort of leverage the PPA has in the first place. There are literally hundreds of thousands of players who would happily take the place of these players if they decided to protest in some way or another.